Facial Treatment Pricing

If you are new to The Dermal Diary, it's advised to book a "First Time Visit" with the principle Isabella Loneragan. This ensures your skin type, condition and needs are analysed and met moving forward for any further treatments. 


First Time Visit (Observ Analysis & Educational Facial) 

This is a combination Observ Skin Analysis, skin lesson and facial treatment appointment. An opportunity for you to learn about your skin and how to improve it. You are encouraged to bring in what you are using on your skin so we can deem whether it's delivering what it promises. After the skin analysis and chat you are prepared for your treatment at which time the real discovery happens for both you and I. At the end, should you wish, you will be recommended a course of action to help you achieve the skin you've always wished for.  May 2019 $225 ($250 after 6pm and Saturdays)

 First Time Skin (No Facial Observ Analysis) 

This is the appointment to book for your first visit to The Dermal Diary, but don’t want a facial.  Its a combination Observ Skin Analysis, skin lesson product explanation, goal setting and skin planning. An opportunity for you to learn about your skin and how to improve it. You are encouraged to bring in what you are using on your skin so we can deem whether it's delivering what it promises. May 2019 $110 ($125 after 6pm and Saturdays)

May 2019 Facial Prices
We only offer three select facials, each one is completely bespoke to your skin conditions and goals. 


The Original Dermal Diary Facial
$150 ($165 after 6pm and Saturdays)

No face is exactly the same, which is why The Dermal Diary champions skin analysis as the core ingredient to every facial treatment. Our in-depth understanding of your individual skin condition and needs ensures each service not only feels luxurious but delivers results you can see.

Upon completion of your skin analysis, your Original Dermal Diary facial commences with a double cleanse to effectively remove all surface-level impurities, including all face and eye makeup. Followed by a deeply penetrating AHA toner to fade any hyperpigmentation and dull skin. A non-abrasive Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator is then applied, utilising steam activation to help open the pores to allow the active ingredients to dead skin cells from the epidermis.

An active peel, hydrating or rejuvenating mask according to your specific requirements, covering all facial areas including the neck, shoulders and décolleté. This treatment is complemented by an original Dermal Diary massage designed to invigorate blood flow and circulation to foster a clearer complexion.

This treatment addresses collagen and elastin depletion by utilising a powerful eye-lifting mask. This medical-grade mask is infused with epidermal and dermal firming technologies to lift the delicate skin around this area. 

Upon completion, this mask is gently soaked off and a vitamin-infused serum, day cream and strong SPF sunscreen is applied to calm and protect your skin in the hours after your facial. Your skin will feel ultra-cleansed, refreshed and visibly firmer.

$150 ($165 after 6pm and Saturdays) // 30 minutes on the bed, 45 at The
Dermal Diary
The Signature Dermal Diary Facial Experience

The ultimate in The Dermal Diary’s results-driven facial experience. This immersive 40-minute treatment blends bespoke skin analysis with the latest in skin science, along with holistic massage therapy to improve cell-turnover.

Tailored to the individual, the Signature Dermal Diary Facial works to address your specific skin needs by starting with detailed skin inspection. Your Dermal Diary facialist will then tailor a bespoke ritual to treat any of your existing skin conditions using a range of powerful medically-proven treatments.

After a double cleanse to remove all makeup, an application of AHA toner is applied to smooth fine lines and even skin tone. A steam-activated non-abrasive fruit enzyme exfoliation follows. This treatment penetrates deep beneath the layers of the skin to gently but effectively increase cell turnover and inspire fresh skin growth, resulting in a glowing complexion.
Your therapist will then apply an active peel or, hydrating or rejuvenating mask according to The Dermal Diary's expert on-the-day assessment.

The Dermal Diary Signature Facial is supercharged by cutting-edge ultrasonic technology, which uses powerful low-frequency waves to effectively and gently boost collagen, elastin and reduce fine lines, and increase the penetrative power of the vitamin infusion. This treatment culminates with a focus on the eyes, incorporating a hyper-penetrative eye lifting treatment to visibly firm and lift the delicate skin surrounding the upper cheeks and crows feet. The Signature Dermal Diary facial incorporates acclaimed methods from internationally renowned massage expert, Yakov Gershkovich, serving to aid skin elasticity, proven to improve lymphatic drainage and stimulating cell turnover.

The facial concludes with a layer of vitamin-infused serums, day cream and high SPF sunscreen to calm and protect your skin in the hours preceding the treatment. Your skin will feel hydrated and vibrant, with results you’ll see long after you leave the clinic. There is also time for questions and skin guidance at the end of the treatment 

$200 ($225 after 6pm and Saturdays)  // 40 minutes on the bed and 60 at The Dermal Diary


Super Deluxe Advanced Facial $525

This Treatment is for those that want it ALL its the creme de la creme of treatments....it includes a full facial (details above) plus a peel, an eyelash tint, eyebrow shape and eyebrow tint (OR 3 facial add-ons of your choice!) AND double the amount of massage for the neck, shoulders, décolleté and face (it's 60 minutes of HEAVEN.)


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