Observ Skin Analysis


We are skin experts, trained using our senses such as sight and touch to diagnose your skin type and condition. However for you to get a true visual understanding of your skin - we utilise the Observ. This technology enables you to see each layer of the skin and what is hiding in it that needs treating to achieve your skin goals. It also provides us with a visual bench mark and progress report on the changes as we embark on your skin journey.

The Observ identifies inflammation (redness) pigmentation (brown marks, sun damage, sunspots), skin texture (roughness, pore size, topography, wrinkles, fine lines).



DIAGNOSE: Your skin is not our guessing game. A detailed skin analysis allows us to properly diagnose your skin, allowing us recommend the right course of action to give you the best results. This incredible technology enables thorough access to the skin and what is happening both on the surface and below it through a series of light based application. 

PLAN & EXECUTE: Once we understand the cause of your skins condition, we can then create the recipe to repair your skin and give you outstanding, skin loving results. Without addressing the cause of your concern, treatments will only provide a temporary result. So that's our goal! To learn more about your skin health and skin care routine. To do this, we encourage you to bring along your current skin care products, make up and a list of any medications and health supplements that you are currently taking.

First Time Visit (Skin Analysis, Consultation and Facial). This is the appointment to book for your first visit to The Dermal Diary.  It's a combination Observ Skin Analysis, skin lesson and facial treatment appointment. An opportunity for you to learn about your skin and how to improve it. You are encouraged to bring in what you are using on your skin so we can deem whether its delivering what it promises. After the skin analysis and chat you are prepared for your treatment at which time the real discovery happens for both you and your therapist. At the end, should you wish, you will be recommended a course of action to help you achieve the skin you've always wished for. 

If you don't want a facial but want a Skin Consultation learn about your skin and not only how to look after it but if your products are working, then book a standard Skin Consultation. See our pricing page for further details.