Meet Our Team

Isabella Loneragan


Isabella Loneragan is a pioneering skincare expert and founder of The Dermal Diary, as well as the creator of The Private Collection and The Intrinsic which have been featured in top publications such as Vogue, Women’s Health Australia and Marie Claire. 

The Intrinsic Facial is a renown treatment developed by Isabella after her exclusive training in Paris under Yankov Gerschovich. Incorporating the buccal massage technique, which is considered to be one of the most effective massage techniques for relieving facial tension, as well as offering an emotionally relieving experience that leaves clients feeling physically lighter and with an instant facelift-like effect. This industry leading treatment has garnered national press exposure for its ability to create unparalleled results for clients that are akin to injectables.

Isabella is also the founder of luxury Australian made skincare brand, The Private Collection - using only scientifically tested ingredients with proven results hand-chosen with intention.

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“My goal is to build trust between myself and my clients, the most crucial aspect of skin therapy. Because with that relationship, comes understanding. And with understanding, comes comprehensive solutions. And, of course, delivering luxe therapeutic facials that don’t just feel good but leave your skin glowing, too.”

Isabella Loneragan

Our Skin Therapists

Brianna Stephenson


Brianna is a passionate skin professional, closely trained under Isabella Loneragan, who believes in the power of skincare to make people feel amazing. She strives to be as informed as possible about skin trends so that she can offer her clients with cutting edge information on their skin care needs. Her favorite part of being a skin therapist is connecting with her clientele and really understanding what they need for their individualised treatment plan.

Tanya Pickett-Heaps


Tanya is our superstar clinic coordinator. She is a people lover and knows how to connect with clients on an intimate level, making them feel important and cared for. Tanya radiates joy in everything she does - whether that be answering the phone, booking appointments, or helping answer your skincare questions!

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