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Senior Skin Therapist

Looking for the next step in your skin and beauty career? The Dermal Diary is looking for a Senior Skin Therapist to join the team, located near Crows Nest. You’ll be trained by expert Skin Therapist, Isabella Loneragan to provide the best, most honest skin care advice alongside expert anti-aging and anti-acne treatments.

About The Dermal Diary

The Dermal Diary is a leading skin and beauty clinic in Sydney. We specialise in expert skin analysis and diagnostics, skin management for acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing, as well as luxury facials. 

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clientele through exceptional skin management and curing skin conditions. Our clients are listened to and nurtured through their skin issues and provided unparalleled expertise.

The Dermal Diary continues to thrive in a competitive environment, and has continued double digit growth over the past two years. Our product line, The Dermal Diary’s Private Collection, is a significant contributor to these results.

About the Role

The Dermal Diary provides strong one-on-one training to ensure a high level of care, skill & customer experience.

Throughout your training, you will learn to emulate The Dermal Diary’s core business offering - Skin Analysis and Diagnostics - as well as tailored treatments. Isabella Loneragan has 13 years industry experience as a Dermal Therapist, working alongside Sydney’s best Dermatologists. This role offers FULL TRAINING and exposure to the workings of a skin therapy business that specialises in high end skin management.

About You

This role is for an experienced "Skin Expert" rather than a "Beauty Therapist". Your goal is to become a superstar skin condition diagnostics specialist, matching products with the conditions, selling those products, liaising with clients about the results between treatments and managing the coordination of scheduled facials. 

You will be meticulous about customer care and experience. This role is as much about relationship growth between you and the client, and providing the client products that solve their skin problems, as it is about the actual hands-on treatment.

You are confident in your abilities, but also keen to continue advancing your skills and knowledge. You will also engage in product recommendations and sales of both The Dermal Diary’s Private Collection as well as other industry leading products, as required to meet the client’s needs. 

You will play an integral role in the operations of the business and will need to be willing to take an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. 

If you’re interested in simply becoming a beauty therapist, this role is not for you. True skin nerds, however, are encouraged to apply!

Benefits and Perks

- Learn from an experienced Dermal Therapist [full one-on-one training provided]

- Access unobstructed mentoring and education from a small team of talented people

- Future opportunities to advance into a management position

- Opportunity to earn commissions on product sales and be consistently rewarded for going above and beyond

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