Healite II

Healite II is a medical grade, TGA approved low-level light therapy (LLLT) device. The Healite II emits light of a particular wavelength to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery, activating your mitochondria and improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne, promoting skin rejuvenation and more.Healite II is a pain free and non-invasive treatment. It is suitable for virtually everybody and has no downtime. It is particuarly suited to those clients with sensitive skin, and rosacea. It rejuvenates the skin, both as a standalone treatment and a complementary treatment to existing skincare regimes.


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Quite potentially life changing! I've always had relatively good skin, but going through the comprehensive process of skin imaging with the amazing skin therapists at The Dermal Diary gave me a completely new outlook on my skin... I feel so much more empowered knowing what my skin needs, what products I've been using that are actually a waste of money and I now know how to prevent further damage to my skin. 

Anna Bezuglova

If I could give a 100 star review I would... a place of calm and serenity in our crazy world. Enter the doors of this exquisite terrace in North Sydney and leave the rest to her highly trained therapists. Marina looks after me and I always walk out feeling amazing. Congratulations Dermal Diary. An exceptional small business. 

Fiona Carter

Experiencing a treatment at The Dermal Diary is like enveloping yourself in a warm, luxurious cashmere cuddle! Isabella and her amazing team combine passion, knowledge and science with a truly relaxing, invigorating and restorative suite of treatments. You will leave feeling refreshed and with visible results. Her range of lovingly-created products (The Private Collection) are phenomenal and ensure your results are maintained between treatments. I cannot recommend The Dermal Diary highly enough!

Madeleine Dowd



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