Tightening Your Pores: Here's The Awful Truth (And One Good News Tip)

Tightening Your Pores: Here's The Awful Truth (And One Good News Tip)

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what can you do to close my pores?”

Listen up people - it’s like being asked, “What can I do to close my nostrils?”

Yep, you heard it here, open pores are pretty much here to stay if you have them.

So my answer is always “I can make your skin look better, therefore improving the appearance of the pores but there’s nothing that will tighten or close them.”

I laugh to myself every time I walk through department stores and see perfectly coiffed, red lip sticked, make-up smothered beauty “experts” touting miracle pore treatment creams but then feel sad for the girls listening to them.

These creams do not work. Fact. They do not include any active ingredients that would have a positive impact on pores, or the concentration isn’t high enough. Usually they contain alcohol, which dries out the skin which then stimulates more oil to pour out of your already enlarged pores, effectively making them… Yep, you guessed it…. Larger!

It's awful, I know.

You need to change your mindset about open pores and by this I mean you can improve your skin's health and therefore the over all appearance of your skin which in turn would therefore camouflage the size of your pores.

The unhealthier your skin is, the larger your pores will appear.

The use of VIT A, AHA, gentle peels active serums and Fraxel Laser will all work to improve the overall appearance of your skin, so if you are determined to do something (even after this truthbomb) its worth saving up your coffee and wine allowance for a few weeks or months dependant on how close they are as friends. Fraxel will set you back around $600-$1200, but its worth it! Seriously.

Isabella Loneragan

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