Once & For All, In What Order Should I Put On My Sunscreen, Moisturiser & Make-Up?

Once & For All, In What Order Should I Put On My Sunscreen, Moisturiser & Make-Up?

When Do I Apply My Suncream? Pre moisturiser? Post makeup? As soon as I open my eyes? 

The wealth of the commercial beauty and skin industry is build on a foundation of contradicting advice. Think about it, the powers that run the major cosmetic companies actually need your skin to be in a constant state of flux in order to sell you more products to fix your skin.

It's a vicious cycle that makes them wealthy, leaves you with less money and your skin wondering where all the moisture went.

That's why you'll have some magazines or beauty bloggers telling you one way to apply things one year and the next everything will be different, with all new 'active ingredients' that require a new system of application.

Here it is. Ultimately the key to great skin is actually in routine over a period of time, followed by assessment and then minor adjustments based on your very personal results.

However, you can take this as gospel. Sunscreen is GOD. For everyone. So take comfort that this info won't be any different next year.


The order in which you apply sunscreen depends on what type it is.

Chemical sun creams (avobenzone or oxybenzone, such as a standard over the counter spf) need to penetrate the skin, therefore they need to be applied as the first product of the day.

Physical sun creams (such as zinc) act like a reflector or a hat, therefore they can be applied last.

If you are unsure, best just choose a good daily hydrating sun cream – NOT a moisturiser with a SPF added (I’ve discussed my distrust of these before - generally you should always use a suncream with hydrating properties rather than the other way around - moisturiser with spf - because there usually won't be enough protection) and apply it first.

Then use a finishing powder made out of powdered Zinc Oxide to touch up your protection during the day.

Slip into a standard spf as soon as you wake up. 

Slop on your Micronised Zinc.

Then slap on your make up last, and use a finishing zinc powder during the day.

"Slip, slop, slap." It's not the most delicate way to remember but it's real talk.