Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It’s also at the core of many people’s self confidence, and a key foundation of beauty.

At The Dermal Diary, we specialise in expert skin analysis and diagnostics, skin management for acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing, as well as luxury facials. We take a scientific approach to skincare, championing active ingredients with proven results (without sacrificing the relaxing experience of a personalised facial).

In short, we’re obsessed with skin. If you’re interested in becoming a skin expert, you’re in the right place, and you’re likely closer than you think to accessing the required skills and resources!

Did you know that we’re currently hiring for a Skin Therapist? Click here to view the job description - it’s a fully trained position.

Tip 1: Look at your existing experience

You may be more pre-qualified to become a skin therapist than you may think. There’s so much more to being a skin expert than purely knowing all-things-skin. If you have a nursing background, for example, you’re likely amazing at customer care and comfortable with physical client support.

Admin or customer service background? This also plays into a Skin Therapist’s role. Building relationships is at the core of our treatments at The Dermal Diary, so brilliant customer service helps establish trust and confidence with clients.
Nutrition, health, nursing, customer service - all of these provide base knowledge to build upon.

Tip 2: Follow credible sources for information
Not all sources are created equal! Take sources that suggest apricot scrub as an amazing skincare product for example - they should be discarded immediately. Apricot scrub physically scratches and irritates the skin, breaking down our barrier function to cause more problems than it apparently solves.
We love to follow industry experts on Instagram, and subscribe to industry publications for credible learning. Want to completely nerd out? Yakov Gershkovich, the inventor of the Sculptural Face Lifting method (loved by Meghan Markle and Kate Moss) is fantastic, along with @thedermaldiary instagram account for expert tips.

Tip 3: Get the right training

It can take years to develop the proper skills of an expert Skin Therapist, however if you find the right mentor, you can significantly speed up this process. One of the reasons we fully train all new Skin Therapists at The Dermal Diary is because of the value of dedicated mentorship. We have developed a specific, proven technique and continue to up-skill over time. It’s imperative that therapists at The Dermal Diary maintain the highest possible level of care, as well as a consistent treatment offering for our clients.

Interested in becoming a skin expert? We’re currently hiring! Click here for the job description - it’s a fully trained position.