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How to Achieve Model Skin

Ever wondered how models seem to always have enviably flawless skin? Apart from the obvious (hello, genetics!) these guys and girls also have access to some of the best skincare treatments, tips and secrets. Keep reading to have these model secrets revealed!

1. Trade Your Makeup For Moisturiser

Give the skin a break! If you're wearing makeup all the time, your skin is bound to get thirsty. Even oily skin gets dehydrated (yep, your skin can actually be overproducing oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin). Your makeup can also increase oil production, so going makeup free for a day or two can help regulate oiliness, and decrease clogged pores and pimples! 

Note: As the Marketing Manager for The Dermal Diary, I implemented this step last week by having a few makeup free days at work, and yes - it totally felt weird initially, but this week, my skin is absolutely singing. Makeup is applying beautifully, my skin is clear and I got to save on wearing my expensive makeup! 

Next step - be sure to select the all important moisturiser that is of high quality to ensure that your skin is properly nourished and protected. There are numerous environmental aggressors (air pollution, sunlight and hot + cold temperatures to name a few) that can contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so we always recommend a protective barrier of moisture to minimise the effect of these. Our recommendation? The powerhouse ‘It’s All Here Day Cream’

A fan-favorite, the It’s All Here Day Cream is your one-stop-shop daily moisturiser. Formulated with star ingredient Matrixyl, a natural skin-plumping agent, this best-selling formula stimulates the body to make more collagen and ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid for youthful looking skin.

Oh and you can't forget about the all important SPF - we'll go on about it until the cows come home but that's okay! If it communicates just how necessary it is, we'll keep going on about it!

2. Nourish, Appropriately

It goes without saying, that a healthy diet is an integral part of maintaining healthy looking skin. There are a lot of supplements in the market that promise to benefit the skin - but two that our two absolute stand outs are Zinc and Essential Fatty Acid’s (EFAs) for rejuvenating the skin and generating collagen production for plump skin. Once you give these two supplements a go - you’ll regret not having tried them sooner!

 3. Regular Facial Treatments

Now you might feel like facials are just for the luxury, but the reality is that they also deliver more of a deep cleanse and improve cellular health than at home products alone. Regular facials are so important for maintaining your optimum skin health - not only do they have your skin glowing when you leave the salon, but they improve the efficiency of your products at home. This is how Emily, a full-time model was able to achieve the glowing look with regular treatments at The Dermal Diary:

"Since visiting the Dermal Diary a year ago, I’ve landed 2 modelling gigs - both for skincare brands! Which means what I invested in my skin - paid off and then some! I’ve also had more confidence in auditions, not to mention the numerous compliments I get after a facial. Highly recommend." - Emily Cullin

Haven’t booked your regular facial yet? Hurry - February is filling up fast and we’d love to help you attain the #ModelSkin look!

Your challenge for this week? Pick one of the above points to start incorporating into your routine! Once you’ve committed to one, email - we’d love to offer our support!

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