How to travel & keep your skin flawless

How to travel & keep your skin flawless

Packing can be a nightmare. Especially if you take a bunch of shoe options & cause your suitcase to weigh 5000 kgs. With all of the things on your plate (but an awesome destination on the other side), skincare shouldn't be something to stress about. Here are 3 simple tips for travelling & maintaining great skin in the process. 

1. Vitamin C is a must
Long haul flight? Make sure you pack a Vitamin C Serum like our C10 from The Private Collection. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that seriously combats the ageing effects of flying.

2. Decant Essentials
Only pack the essentials & decant them so they don't take up too much room or weigh too much (more room for shoes).

I buy the little Manicare containers & bottles from the pharmacy – or buy travel sizes. For me, cleanser, Vitamin C, Day cream and an SPF are the essentials. 

3. Stearic Acid helps heal

Don't have a Vitamin C serum handy? A great alternative is the Multivitamin Nourish. Stearic acid not only helps rid your skin of excess oil & dirt, it also protects the skin's surface from water loss. Naturally building up your skin's barrier function is super important when you're putting your skin through a quick travel trauma. From the flight to temperature changes & pollution, stearic acid is a great skincare ingredient to include in your toiletry bag.

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