Are You Stressed?

Are You Stressed?

How Are Your Stress Levels?

April is stress awareness month - and while we're living through a pandemic, it's understandable if your stress levels are at an all-time high. We believe skincare is self-care, which is a critical part of maintaining healthy levels of stress and mental wellbeing. We're sharing our expert tips to manage stress, and benefit your skin in the process too!

1. Have An Unwind Routine

One of the best ways to improve your levels of stress is by getting some quality night's sleep. We love our nighttime skincare routines because it initiates the process of 'letting go' of the day that was, and preparing the mind and body for rest. Make it extra relaxing by including a facial massage (you can watch this to see how Isabella does it) to get you in the mood for a restful slumber.

To finish off your nighttime skincare routine, add in the game-changing Dream Mask.

2. Calm Your Senses

 Use the power of aromatherapy to get the extra support to calm the body and mind. Our favourite scent is peony - which has been shown in studies to calm your senses and lower stress levels. Our Peony Candle is the perfect complement to any relaxing skincare ritual or nighttime unwind routine.

3. Invest in Self-Care

We all need time away from the noise and chaos of our day-to-day life and having a regular time in the calendar for 'me' time can literally make you feel new again! If you haven't yet experienced the magic of The Intrinsic - this is THE treatment to combat your stress. We carry the most stress in the jawline and overtime this can build and become incredibly tense. Not only that but the tension in our muscles pulls our face down, leading to accelerated signs of ageing. This highly specialised treatment will help lift the facial muscles AND give you a feeling of relief from this stress you've been holding on to like nothing else - clients have reported walking out feeling much lighter, more calm and being able to smile wider! A lifted complexion (without the needle) and walk out feeling deeply relaxed? What more could you want!