Are You Confusing Dry with Dehydrated?

Are You Confusing Dry with Dehydrated?

As temperatures drop, your skin may be feeling a little (or a lot!) different and you may be asking “what should I change in my winter routine?”

First things first - it’s important to understand the difference between dehydration and dryness.

Dehydration = water lacking

Dryness = oil lacking

In Winter, your skin may become both dry AND dehydrated due to your natural oil production being challenged by lower temperatures.

So even those with oily/combo or normal skin types - you’ll want to change up your routine to ensure optimal skin health during the colder months. Here are our expert tips:

1. Gently Cleanse

To prevent your lowered oil levels being stripped, steer clear of your harsh sulfate-filled cleansers that will destroy your skin’s barriers. Instead, opt for gentle cleansers with hydrating ingredients such as our best-selling “Daily Cleanser”.

Made with hero ingredients lactic acid and aloe, it lightly exfoliates your skin then follows with soothing hydration. Infused with a heavenly hint of peppermint, you’ll love washing away the day with this refreshing gel.

2. Repair with Antioxidants

Exposure to colder temperatures means exposure to damaging free radicals that accelerates the ageing process + impairs skin’s barriers.

In order to counteract this damage, we recommend all of our clients use a high quality Vitamin C serum. If you are new to Vitamin C or prone to sensitivity, we recommend starting with a 10% strength serum such as our C10. If sensitivity is no issue for you - a serum with 20% vitamin C such as C20e is perfect for you.

This potent blend gently exfoliates while also repairing dry, damaged skin. Anti-inflammatory and anti-redness with a soft matte finish, Vitamin C stimulates collagen and elastin production, both key elements for a plump, radiant look.

3. Heal with a Nourishing Mask

Overcome winter dehydration with overnight masks that can repair your skin’s barriers and heal damage done by daily pollution. Our go to? Dream Mask of course!

Probiotic Lactococcus Ferment Lysate accelerates skin recovery and defends against daily pollution while Bifida Ferment Lysate counteracts premature aging from a cellular level. Wake up to lavish, dreamy skin!

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