Anti-Wrinkle Injections And Fillers: Why It Matters Who Injects You

Anti-Wrinkle Injections And Fillers: Why It Matters Who Injects You

The muscle relaxing injections (like Botox and Dysport) and Volume filling injections (like Juvederm and Restalyn) market has exploded. But what's the difference between a beauty clinic and a cos-medical clinic when it comes to having the work done?

Women and men are catching on to the phenomena that is wrinkle free ageing, and why shouldn’t they? Fillers and injectables can do amazing things and often a lot more than just zap wrinkles. 

Have a toothy grin? There's a filler for that. What to lift your brows? You can do that too.

However, who should you trust when it comes to doing the actual injecting work?

Straight up: In Australia, legally only nurses and doctors can inject.

Legally, in Australia, only nurses can inject with a doctor on site or through a Skype consult to prescribe the injectable product. That means that the nurse can suggest what she believes is the right dose but the doctor has to approve the plan (through a Skype or in person consult) and sign off on the dose.

There was a case recently in Sydney where a nurse and a doctor both lost their right to practice due to unethical prescribing conditions. That is, he was selling the nurse the Botox from his separate practice and had no involvement on the consultation of the patient at all.

My advice: see a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or cosmetic injector that does A LOT of injecting, ideally they call themselves a “Cosmetic Dermatologist” or a “Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon or Physician” or a injectables nurse within a medical practice that specialises in injecting and has a doctor accessible either through Skype or in person. 

On another note online shopping deals are probably not the best option when shopping for injectables and injectors. There’s a suggestion that they over dilute the products to cover costs in order to allow for those specials, therefore reducing the efficiency of the product.

It’s your face people, it's not worth the risk looking like The Joker for 3 months.

Isabella Loneragan