3 Skincare Myths Debunked

3 Skincare Myths Debunked

Hi, this is Suzanne.

As a skin therapist, I come across many clients who have followed false or misleading advice. I'm here to debunk the top 3 skincare myths so that you will avoid these costly mistakes!

You don’t need to wear sunscreen in winter

There are both UVA and UVB rays we are exposed to throughout the year which is why it is important to ensure you are wearing SPF every morning - rain, hail or shine. UV damage leads to loss of collagen and elastin and also contributes to age spots and pigmentation. Always remember to reapply your SPF if you are out at the beach, going for a swim or run. 

Our recommendation?

TDD Glow Getter - this innovative formula combines all the best parts of a primer, BB cream, and SPF to bring you an all-in-one solution to healthy, hydrated skin. Charged with SPF 30, it acts as a priming tinted moisturiser to even your skin tone and cover small imperfections while also protecting from harmful UV rays.

There’s no such thing as over-exfoliating

When it comes to exfoliating your skin, less is more as healthy skin naturally has its own natural shedding cycle. Using harsh exfoliating scrubs with beads can cause tiny micro-tears in the skin and damage the delicate acid mantle. Switching on to a weekly gentle enzyme exfoliant will ensure you are dissolving any dead skin build-up whilst still maintaining the health and barrier function of your skin. 

Our recommendation:

TDD Superfruit Reveal - a fruit-derived exfoliator for smooth, bright skin that better absorbs serums and treatments. Formulated with specialised exfoliating enzymes, it gently dissolves dead skin build-up without scratching or causing inflammation like harsh beaded exfoliants often do.

Drinking plenty of water will help with dehydrated skin

Drinking 2L water every day is important for overall health and wellbeing, however it does not necessarily have any impact to the hydration levels in your skin. Instead it is important to focus on a nice healthy and strong acid mantle that plays a role in preventing transepidermal water loss. Supplementing your diet with Omega 3’s will help to ensure your acid mantle is healthy and strong and doing its job to keep your skin hydrated. 

We recommend all of our clients invest in a quality fish oil. Our recommendation?

Ultimate Omega® delivers the #1 omega-3 in the U.S.—for heart, brain, and wellness support—in every delicious daily serving.